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Filie Mandira of Horo Guduru

Post by Masud » 03 Jul 2014, 04:13

The noises coming against me from every direction on this forum for the mere reason I promoted Oromo case reminded me the story one of my friend from Wollegga told me. The story goes as follow.

In Western Oromia zone now known as Horo Guduru Wallagga, there was an Oromo leader whose name was Filie Mandira ( btw, the word “mender/village is taken from Oromo word mandira-meaning houses built close to eachother or hooked to each other).

In 1935, Filie and his Oromo army killed as money Italian soldiers and Hamasenian soldiers fighting for Italian colonizers. The number of Hamasen (Eritrean) soldier fighting on the side of Italians was huge and far greater than Italians the number of Italian soldiers who came from overseas to colonize Ethiopia. The number of Hamasens killed by Filie and his army was also much greater than the number of Italian soldies killed by them.

Filie and his army never killed enemy soldiers that large before. Surprised by the number of Hamasens fighting for Italian white colonizers and number of Hamasens his army killed, Filie asked his advisors the following question on the way forward:

Bay’inan utu duutu
Hamaseniin hindhumtu
Ani Filie Mandira
Meeqaan ciree dandaha?

In short Filie said “ we killed a lot of Hamassiens fighting for Italians, but their number is not finish-able. What should I do?”

The same history is repeating it self and happening to me on this forum. My objective to come to this forum has been to fight Woyane which is the active and main enemy of Oromo. But the cyber mercenaries working on this forum are pulling me to different directions and trying to thin my power to fight Woyane. I characterize the Woyanes which are the main enemy with Italian soldiers during Filie Mandira and the non-Woyane mercenaries fighting for Woyane with Hamassien soldiers fought for Italian colonizers. Therefore, let me ask my advisors and friends similar question Filie asked his advisors:

Bitamtuun gurra hinqabdu, afaan ishee banaa olti
Itti himeetan dadhabe, deebiftee nagaafatti
Jarri kun sammu hinqabdu, yoomuu seena hinbarattu
Achuma gangalati, fuldura hintarkanfattu
An Masud hedduun shake, wa bu’aa busa mariin ?
Ya ijolee Oromo, mee sibilake hingatiin.

In nutshell, I am questioning if the political dialogue can solve Oromo problem or not.

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Re: Filie Mandira of Horo Guduru

Post by Hawdian » 03 Jul 2014, 04:41

Brother Masud,

Before Oromo whines and whales about its sad state of affair in the Horn of Africa (by the way no one but them is to be blamed), they should make something out off themselves in their native land; Madagascar.

There is no point me whining about Australia and its politics. There is no point about Oromo to whine about the Horn of Africa.

If you need a raft to take you back to Madagascar let me know. You are just a foreign gypsy in the Horn. The land that you currently occupy illegally will be divided between the rightful inhabitants of Sidamo, Gurage, Wolaita, Somali, Amhara, Tigray, Afar, Adari and others.

The Horn still doesn't mind that you found shelter amongst us but we can't deal with your 24/7 cries, never ending fatwas on dead kings, singers, bloggers, forumers and long gone civilizations.

Why is Oromo always about the past? Never about present and future. Pay attention its always about; heard, told, once and of course a word that you used yourself "reminded".

The difference between you and Hamassien cats is that the Hamassien are in their native land but Oromo abandoned their island for foreign occupiers (mostly Indians, Arabs, Portuguese and French just to name few).


The lion of Haud.

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