Coke Studio celebrates Ethiopian artists in Addis Ababa

Melat Mulugeta

In the 2019 edition of Coke Studio Africa, Ethiopian artists joined well-known artists from across Africa to create music fusions through memorable collaborations. During the press conference, Abush Zeleke, Mahlet G/Giorghis, Yared Negu, Bisrat Surafel, and Rophnan Nuri shared their experiences. The Coke Studio closing event consisted of a press conference followed by a cocktail party, attended by members of the media, Coca-Cola representatives, Coke Studio artists and invited guests.

Coke Studio Africa, launched in early February, concluded its 2019 season with a historic season grand finale, featuring an all-female ensemble, which was aired on April 7th, on Kana Television. To commemorate one of the most exhilarating Coke Studio Africa seasons to date, the Coca-Cola system held a memorable closing event at the new, luxurious Skylight hotel, in Addis Ababa.

The charity campaign initiated by Coca-Cola’s pledge to donate 1 birr for every Coke in a plastic bottle purchased over a period of three months, with the slogan Drink for Goodness. Coke Studio artists and charity organizations, Coca-Cola disclosed the number of collected funds from Coke sales to be awarded to 3 selected charities. The local charities in question are Organisation for the Development of Women and Children in Ethiopia (ODWACE), Talent Youth Association (TAYA) and Organisation for women self-employment (WISE). ODWACE works with women and girls to create awareness on harmful traditional practices, while TAYA empowers youth to be productive and lead successful lives; WISE focuses on supporting women and girls with self-employment opportunities to build their economic status.