Dr Abiy Ahmed sworn in as Prime Minister of Ethiopia.


Dr. Abiy Ahmed is officially sworn in as Ethiopia’s Prime minister by the national parliament.

Dr. Abiy Ahmed began his speech by thanking the outgoing PM Hailemariam Desalegn for resigning from his position to become “part of the solution.”

Abiy paid tribute to Ethiopia’s nationalities who have sacrificed their lives to protect Ethiopia’s independence. “When we live, we are Ethiopians, when we die, we become Ethiopia. Ethiopia belongs to all of us.”

Dr. Abiy Ahmed says the government should respect the rule of law, but it is also its responsibility to maintain the rule of law. Ethiopians would want not only the presence of rule of law, but also justice. He expressed his readiness to negotiate with the government in Eritrea to solve the differences between the two states as part of his plan to stabilize the horn of Africa region. He also promised to crackdown on rampant corruption in Ethiopia

In a stunning departure from past administrations, the new prime minister called on exiled Ethiopians to return home. “We will welcome you home. The coming season in Ethiopia is a season of peace and reconciliation.”
The Prime Minister highlighted improving the quality of education by adopting sound policies would be his government’s prime agenda. He said he apologizes from “my heart” for thousands of civilian victims of state crackdown as well as members of the security who have been killed during recent crisis that gripped the nation.

The new prime minster paid tribute to his mother, wife and Ethiopian women, in general.

In another stunning departure from previous leaders, before finishing his speech Dr. Abiy Ahmed paid a moving tribute to his late mother who he said had raised him in the midst of ardent poverty. He also paid tribute to his wife and mother of three kids Zinash Tayachew.

Source: Addis Standard