Ethiopia's regime denies release of political prisoners

Ethiopia wants to close its most famous torture prison, but there is no general amnesty for political prisoners, the government said. A premier speech had been translated incorrectly.
It sounded like hopeful news: On Wednesday, Ethiopia’s head of government allegedly announced in a speech that the East African country wanted to release all political prisoners.
One day later, the government clarifies: A crucial passage in the speech of Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn has been translated incorrectly, reports the BBC.
Amnesty International had welcomed the alleged decision as a signal for the “end of an era of bloody repression”. According to the organization’s Ethiopia expert, Fisseha Tekle, human rights in the country would only have a chance if all abuses were investigated and those responsible were charged. The closure of the Maekelawi Prison is to be welcomed, but the atrocities there must be investigated.