Palace Secrete – Abebe Gelaw

In a video published by the Ethiopian Voice Network (EVN) on October 16, 2023, Ethiopian journalist Abebe Gellaw accuses Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of profound bias against the Amhara ethnic group. The accusation stems from a private conversation that occurred four years prior, wherein Abiy Ahmed allegedly stated that Amharas should not govern Ethiopia, emphasizing “not in a million years.”

Despite the Prime Minister’s attempt to refute these claims by referencing his Amhara connections, including his wife and several government officials, Abebe remains skeptical. He points to the dire situation in the Amhara region, where intense conflict under Abiy Ahmed’s administration has led to the internment of countless Amharas in severe conditions, further fueled by the imposition of a state of emergency.


Abebe, deeply troubled by these developments, reached out to Abiy Ahmed via email to voice his dismay and the necessity for a shift from ethnic-driven politics to a more unifying, equitable approach. He underscored the historical mistreatment of the Amhara people, especially their vilification during the past three decades, despite their substantial contributions to the nation’s welfare.

The journalist passionately called for an end to such derogatory and divisive attitudes, highlighting the urgent need for reform that would embrace justice, freedom, and equality. Abebe’s revelations paint a picture of a leader swayed by power, risking dangerous ethnic rifts in a country craving unity and peace. He warned of Abiy Ahmed’s actions as potentially genocidal, underlining the desperate circumstances of the Amhara people.

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