Photos of five youths buried alive by Ethiopian army is from Ethiopia’s Oromia region: Report

Photos circulating in social media accounts of five youths that were buried alive by the Ethiopian army is from the country’s Oromia region, the Addis Ababa based online media outlet Addis Maleda reported on Tuesday. 

Quoting anonymous sources, Addis Maleda reported the photos of the handcuffed and blindfolded five youths thrown in a ditch are from Qiltu-Kara city of Western Wollega zone of Oromia region. 

Addis Maleda reported the name of the five youths are Eyasu Kassahun, Abebe Dufera, Desalegn Bulcha, Tesfaye Terfasa and Obsi Dinegde.

The five youths who were recently detained on suspicion of being members of a rebel group, the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) were later taken to a nearby Ethiopian army camp, made to dig a ditch and then thrown into the ditch alive while being blindfolded and handcuffed, Addis Maleda reported citing local residents’ eyewitnesses. 

Addis Maleda further reported it doesn’t have information on the current whereabouts of the five youths who it said shows signs of beatings and other forms of physical abuses. 

The online media outlet further reported family members of the five youths haven’t been allowed to know the youths current fate. 

Addis Maleda’s efforts to get a comment from local government officials has so far been unsuccessful.

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