Ethiopia gov’t claims discovery of security threat in the country’s capital

The Ethiopia Joint Security and Intelligence Taskforce (EJSIT) claimed on Wednesday evening it has discovered “unnamed” forces that are preparing to create various security problems in Addis Ababa.

The statement posted across all state owned media outlets claimed the Taskforce is undertaking coordinated operations in various times to safeguard the safety and security of Ethiopia’s capital. 

The EJSIT statement further called on the Addis Ababa population to inform it of strangers it detected in its local area as well as to extend its cooperation for security operations that will happen in the coming days.

EJSIT statement also posted free phone hotlines it said local communities can call to inform of suspicious situations in their respective areas. 

The statement from the Ethiopian government security taskforce comes less than two days before the start of the regular Friday Islamic prayers.

Security forces have cracked down on Friday Islamic Prayers in Addis Ababa for the last two weeks killing and injuring scores of Muslim worshippers. 

Protestors are calling for authorities to cease demolitions of homes and mosques in the newly formed Shaggar administrative city which surrounds Addis Ababa.  

Authorities in Ethiopia’s largest region Oromia launched last year, a mega city project, Shaggar city comprising of six cities surrounding Addis Ababa.

Since that time, local authorities have been engaged in an ongoing massive homes demolitions campaign which has sparked criticisms that it is inhumane, discriminatory and arbitrary.

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