New Amhara movement formed to combat Ethiopia state imposed discrimination, violence: statement

A new Amhara movement has been formed to combat Ethiopia state imposed discrimination and violence, a newly formed movement disclosed on Saturday. 

The movement named Amhara Patriotic Front (APF) said in a statement that the danger facing the survival of the Amhara people and Ethiopia’s sovereignty has reached to a critical stage, so the need for a new an all-people and all options encompassing struggle.  

The statement accused the ruling Prosperity Party (PP) dominated by its Oromia region PP wing of victimizing various ethnicities in Ethiopia including ethnic Amharas, Sidamas, Afaris, Somalis, Gedoes, Gurages, Gamos as well as the multiethnic residents of Dire Dawa and Addis Ababa cities. 

The APF statement also stated the ruling PP is working to create a new version of Oromia region that has been cleansed from Ethiopian Orthodox Church and traditional Islam followers. 

The statement further said that while the APF will start the struggle from the Amhara people against state imposed genocide its end goal is transferring to the next generation Ethiopia’s survival as a nation. 

APF also stated its prepared to work with local and international forces who are fighting against the genocidal danger the Amhara people are facing and the disintegration danger facing Ethiopia.  

The Front in a statement slammed the ruling PP headed by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of lacking popular legitimacy, of lacking governance skills, of being benighted, hateful, corrupt and of having contempt to human lives. 

The statement called on federal and regional forces, civic organizations, local elders, religious leaders and the diaspora to help in struggle against a “genocidal, dictatorial” government.  

The APF statement concluded by calling on the international community to independently and impartially investigate mass atrocities that have been committed and are still being committed in Ethiopia. The statement further called for the eventual trial of mass atrocities perpetrators.  

Separately on Saturday, veteran journalist turned political leader Eskinder Nega called from an undisclosed location for a cross section of the public to support the newly formed APF.

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