Armed attack near Ethiopia’s capital leaves four police officers dead: Report

An armed attack in a city located near Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa has left at least four police officers dead, local online media outlet, Ethiopia Insider reported on Monday. 

Citing anonymous sources, Ethiopia Insider reported the attack by “unknown gunmen” in the city located around 45 kilometers southeast of Addis Ababa occurred on Sunday late evening and targeted a police station. All four deceased are reportedly Oromia region police personnel. 

Ethiopia Insider further reported a fifth police officer was wounded in the armed attack. 

Ethiopia insider quoted anonymous Bishoftu residents as saying they heard an hour long gunfight between police officers and the “unknown gunmen” on Sunday late evening. 

Separately, another online based media outlet Amba Digital reported on the Bishoftu attack crediting the “security operation” to Oromo Liberation Army (rebels). 

Amba Digital similarly cited anonymous sources for the reported Bishoftu attack. 

Bishoftu a mid-sized city located in the East-Shoa zone of Oromia region, is known for its multiple lakes and numerous tourist resorts. 

Bishoftu is also known for hosting the headquarters of the Ethiopian Air Force (EAF).

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