Ethiopia’s general inflation declines to 33.5 percent in April: ESS

Ethiopia’s general inflation rate has declined to 33.5 percent in April 2023 down 0.2 percentage points from 33.7 percent in March, the Ethiopia Statistics Service (ESS) disclosed. 

In its monthly update report, ESS disclosed food inflation rate declined by 0.8 percent to reach 33.7 percent in April 2023. 

Similarly, the ESS report stated non-food inflation rate declined by 0.3 percentage points in April to stand at 32.2 percent.  

ESS attributed the decline in Ethiopia’s April 2023 general inflation rate to slight decline in prices of both food and non-food items. 

The governmental ESS report about decline in Ethiopia’s general inflation rate for April 2023, is contrary to on the ground reports about relentlessly increasing prices of basic consumer goods in the east African country.

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