Prominent independent journalist Gobeze Sisay detained by security forces

The Ethiopian Security and Intelligence Joint Taskforce (ESIJT) announced on Friday evening it has detained prominent independent journalist Gobeze Sisay.

In a statement, the ESIJT said Gobeze was among a list of 11 suspects wanted by security forces. The statement said Gobeze was arrested in Djibouti and handed over to Ethiopian authorities. 

The statement didn’t mention which date Gobeze was arrested, but said he was using Djibouti as a spring board to travel to an unspecified third country. 

The Taskforce statement mentioned Ethio360 media outlet journalists, Habtamu Ayalew, Biruk Yibas, Eyerusalem Tekltsadik, veteran opposition politician, Lidetu Aaylaw and Fano (ethnic Amhara self-defense group) leader, Mihret Wedajo as among 10 other people on the wanted list. 

Last Sunday, the Ethiopian Security and Intelligence Joint Taskforce announced it has arrested 47 “terror suspects” who are accused of trying to overthrow the government through violent acts. 

Gobeze was among around a dozen people listed in the last week announcement as being on the wanted list charged with the same criminal allegations. 

Gobeze an independent journalist who has previously worked for media outlets like Ethiopia Satellite TV (ESAT) and online media outlet, Yegna tv has recently co-founded another online based media outlet, the Voice of Amhara. 

He is also one of the co-founders of the Ethiopia Mass Media Professionals Association (EMMPA), the biggest journalism association in the country bringing together state and private media journalists. 

A relentless and brave chronicler of abuses ordinary Ethiopians have endured by state and non-state actors, Gobeze had previously been detained several times by security forces in the last one-year period.

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