State backed rights body confirms deaths in ongoing protest in northern Ethiopia region

The state backed Ethiopia Human Rights Commission (EHRC) disclosed on Thursday a number of deaths and physical injuries have occurred during ongoing protests in the northern Amhara region. The statement didn’t specify how many deaths and injuries have occurred so far. 

In a press statement, EHRC said it has confirmed deaths, physical injuries and property losses as well as frequent closures of the road leading between Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa and Dessie city located in South Wollo zone of Amhara region. 

The EHRC statement further said its monitoring the impact on human rights of the “law enforcement operation” being carried out in some parts of Amhara region. 

The rights body also said it has confirmed that there have been fire-fights in some areas of Amhara region between the Ethiopian National Defense Force and local fighters, as well as use of heavy weapons in attacks. 

The EHRC statement further said it has observed that several opposition political parties’ members, some youths accused of organizing and coordinating the decision to restructure the special forces as well as some other people suspected of having relations with Fano (ethnic Amhara armed self-defense groups) have been recently arrested.

The Commission recommended for the government to ensure that arrests be based on lawful situations and that they adhere to basic human rights principles. 

Ethiopia’s second most populous region, Amhara has been in the grips of popular protests for more than a month, sparked by grievances of systematic discrimination and violence targeting ethnic Amharas. 

Despite, a de-facto communication blackout and reporting ban, social media based reports have come out of widespread protests and civil disobedience movement across the Amhara region.

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