Ethiopia PM warns “foreign forces” against interference Ethiopia’s internal affairs

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Monday warned unspecified “foreign forces” against interfering in Ethiopia’s internal affairs. 

Speaking at an inauguration ceremony of one of his pet resort projects in southern Ethiopia, Abiy warned “non-Ethiopian forces” to refrain from interference in Ethiopia’s affairs who he said take advantage of instability in the east African country. 

“The foreign forces should know there isn’t any dividend that will be earned by destabilizing and unsettling Ethiopia. I would like to recap that they leave our issue to us as they have many of their own internal issues they haven’t addressed,” Abiy said.

The Ethiopian PM also issued warnings to unnamed businesspeople, diaspora based Ethiopians and Ethiopian youths to refrain from participating in un-winning “destructive” acts.

Abiy’s statement came one day after Ethiopian security forces announced on state TV that they had arrested 47 terror suspects who are accused of trying to overthrow the government through violent acts. 

The announcement by the Ethiopia Joint Security and Intelligence Task Force (EJSITF) also detailed most wanted list issued against diaspora Ethiopians and foreign based media outlets. 

The EJSITF statement in particular mentioned longstanding opposition figure, Lidetu Aylaw, US based media outlet, Ethio-360 and prominent US based media commentator, Habtamu Ayalew as among the foreign based individual entities and individuals on the most wanted list.

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