878 Ethiopians detained during violence marred Adwa victory day celebrations: Report


Security forces have detained 878 individuals in connection with the violence marred Adwa victory day celebrations in Addis Ababa earlier this month, the state owned Ethiopia News Agency (ENA) reported on Wednesday. 

Quoting the Ethiopia Joint Security and Intelligence Task Force statement, ENA reported “557 out of the 878 suspects” came from other parts of Ethiopia with a view to allegedly “spoil” Addis Ababa’s peace and create “chaos” during Adwa victory day celebrations. 

The suspects are accused of trying to destroy and loot properties as well as inflicting bodily harm on more than a dozen police officers. 

the Ethiopia Joint Security and Intelligence Task Force statement also admitted for the first time the killing by bullets of a person during the Adwa victory day celebrations which happened last Thursday. The statement further said an investigation is currently underway into the circumstances of the deadly shooting. 

In a report issued last Friday, the state backed Ethiopia Human Rights Commission (EHRC) said “Security forces overreacted” and needlessly beat people, used tear gas, plastic and lethal bullets and other “excessive” measures during the Adwa victory day celebrations. 

EHRC, said the “excessive measures” by security force which included older persons and children resulted in at least one death, several bodily injuries and distress on people gathered around Menelik square for the national holiday. 

EHRC also said a religious congregation in nearby Saint-George Church was violently disrupted by the “unnecessary and excessive actions of security forces”.  

An eyewitness told Mereja.com on Sunday, she saw security forces using tear gas and live fire against crowds on Adwa victory day in the Ethiopian capital after some of them started chanting antigovernmental slogans.  

She also told Mereja, she witnessed security forces beating some of the people who were part of the crowd.

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