Ethiopia PM Abiy says those living a “life of lie” will end in self-destruction

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Tuesday said those people living a “life of lie” will end up in self-destruction. 

The PM made the remark at a ceremony to congratulate 273 Ethiopian students who received “full scholarship” from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government. 

The PM said today’s Ethiopian generation wants to pretend lies look like truths which he said will inevitably lead to its “self- destruction”.

 “A person who obsessively wants the truth will have inner peace, he will sleep at peace and wake up at peace,” the PM told the students. 

 “Those who want the truth, if you believe in truth with evidence and reasoning, your road to wisdom will be easier. When you succeed in both, you will be engineers that decide on tomorrow’s Ethiopia,” Abiy further said. 

Abiy’s call for honesty from the present Ethiopia generation comes, despite multiple examples of the PM engaging in outright untruthful statements and actions. 

On Social Media platforms, the only safe avenue of free expression for many Ethiopians, the PM is routinely ridiculed for his “deceitful and delusional statements and practices,”. 

The PM’s administration is also routinely accused of disseminating false information using both new media and traditional media outlets.

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