PM Abiy says racism, bigotry risks disintegrating Ethiopia

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed over the weekend warned racism, bigotry risks disintegrating Ethiopia.

The PM made the remark on Saturday on the sidelines of the Air force and Mechanized Infantry joint military exercise conducted at Awash-Arba Combat Technical School.

“Currently, the political commodity and political marketplace of racism and bigotry by religion and place of origin is focused on divisions. When you go one step lower from Ethiopianism its humiliation, disintegration and chaos,” the PM remarked.

The PM urged the public to work towards reaffirming internal unity, so they can protect and inherit Ethiopia to their children.

Abiy also blamed social media for dividing Ethiopians by region, religion and ethnicity and exposing Ethiopia to “unnamed enemies”.

“In today’s age, the main task of social media is not only to divide (us) by area, religion and ethnicity, but also by small localities, this belittles Ethiopia. We have a big country that can be developed, we have big population. If we can be one we can attract others, but when we’re segregated and divided we will be exposed to the enemy’s attack,” the PM remarked.

While, Abiy blamed political marketplace and social media for dividing Ethiopians and endangering the country’s unity, in contrast in online forums many Ethiopians blamed him and his administration for stoking divisions and hatred among Ethiopians using the same social media platforms.

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