Ethiopia Security forces announce arrest of hundreds of “extremists” in Addis Ababa: Report

The Ethiopia Joint Peace and Security Task Force has arrested 216 “extremists” in operations across Addis Ababa, the Federal Police statement disclosed over the weekend.

In a press statement, the Federal Police said 107 members of the terrorist Shene (Oromo Liberation Army) who were hiding in Addis Ababa were caught with weapons they use to conduct attacks.

The press statement further said 109 “Fano” members who were trying to incite “ethnic violence” using some questions raised in schools as a cover have been arrested along with their weapons.

In recent years, Ethiopian security forces have made a practice of making declarations about arrest of “extremists” near or during major holiday events.

Ethiopian Orthodox Christians are gearing up to celebrate Timket (Ethiopian epiphany) a colorful three day religious festival commemorating the baptism of Jesus Christ, which starts on January 18 or January 19 during leap year.

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