President of Oromia Regional State Shimeles Abdissa faces strong criticism over his “violence inciting” speeches

Mereja Media

President of the Oromia Regional State Shimeles Abdissa on Thursday faced strong criticism over his “violence inciting” speeches he has made on different occasions, Mereja,com Sources disclosed.

The criticism came when he was chairing an urgent meeting in the city of Bahir Dar, seat of the Amhara Regional State along with his Amhara region counterpart Dr. Yilkal Kefale.

According to sources, Shimeles was asked if he appeared in the capital city of the regional state either to convince or confuse the Amhara people. The participants of the meeting asked Shimeles if he apologizes for calling the people of Amhara ‘oppressor’

The participants blamed Shimeles for supporting the ‘Oromo Shane, a rebel group which is engaged in the cleansing of ethnic Amhara people from the Oromia region.

They also accused him of involvement in the killing and displacement of ethnic Amhara people as well as looting and burning of their assets and houses, said the sources.

House Speaker Tagesse Chafo and Deputy President of the Prosperity Party Adem Farah as senior officials of the government were asked if they would be willing to organize referendums for the peoples in Harari, Dire Dawa, Nazret (Adama), Debrezeit and Metekel.

“If your answer is ‘no’, why do you propose a referendum for Wolkait,” the participants inquired.

Agegnehu Teshager, Speaker of the House of Federation was also asked for an explanation why he changed his mind on the issue of Wolkait.

Agegnehu, while working as President of the Amhara regional state a year ago, was quoted as saying that the issue of Wolkit is a ‘dead file’ and we will never discuss it again.

“The ruling Prosperity Party has failed the people of Ethiopia and lacks all qualities to lead this great nation,” said the participants composed of administrators drawn from each zone and district of the Amhara region and numbering more than 3000.

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