TPLF begins offering military training to new recruits, ignoring recent peace deal

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The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has begun offering military training to new recruits, ignoring the recent peace deal it reached with the federal government of Ethiopia to end the two-year bloody conflict.

“TPLF is mobilizing its combatants even at places which are under the control of the Ethiopian National Defence Forces,” sources told

“The combatants are abusing the peace deal, rather using the agreement as cover to mobilize military equipment and new recruits,” the sources said.

TPLF is mobilizing new recruits in Bora, Wedisebero, My Adobo, Agbe, Gejet, Samre, Dengolat, Warkadimo and Maichew towns, according to information reaching

The sources further disclosed that the combatants are digging trenches in Zana, Zerbi, Dega Hamus, Adigrat and Abergele areas, preparing to launch another war.

“TPLF is abusing the peace deal to rescue new recruits from drone attacks and to re-group its fighters,” the sources said.

The military leaders are also sending messages to the combatants and people in the region to collect their crops amid the peaceful situation that came after the peace agreement.

The sources also said the TPLF fighters are hiding heavy weapons which they withdrew from Mekelle at Adi Gudo and Adi Qeya areas.

In a recent meeting, the TPLF central committee decided that the Tigrayan forces will lay down their arms when none Ethiopian National Defence Forces withdraw from the Tigray region including from the disputed Welqait and Raya areas.

The government of Ethiopia and TPLF signed the agreement a week ago after over one week of intense talks in Ethiopia’s Southern neighbor.

Upon arrival at Bole International Airport, Field Marshal Berhanu Jula, Chief of Staff the Ethiopian National Defence Force said that an agreement has been reached on ways of disarming the TPLF combatants and the unimpeded flow of humanitarian aid to the Tigray region of Ethiopia.

The government of Ethiopia did not comment yet about the implementation of the peace deal.

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