Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed says government is not meddling on ownership issue of Welqait

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Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said his government is not meddling on ownership issue of Welqait- Tegede, a disputed area between the Tigray and Amhara regional states of Ethiopia.

“We want the people of Welqait to understand that the government of Ethiopia is not participating in the ongoing conspiracies that are surfacing against them,” said the premier while addressing the House of People’s Representatives on Tuesday.

He proposed the peaceful settlement of the conflict between the two parties and highlighed that all individuals, who are living in diffent parts of the world are required to vote on the ownership right of the land for the sake of peace to take place.

Meanwhile, Ethiopia’s economy is forecast to grow by 7.5 percent this Ethiopian fiscal year which will end on July 7, 2023, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has said.

The projection is a 1.1 percentage point higher than the economic growth rate registered last year.

Addressing the House of People’s Representatives on Tuesday, Prime Minister Abiy Ethiopia’s said the country’s economy held up under pressure but reached $127.6 billion, becoming country’s economy is third largest economy in sub Saharan Africa.

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