Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed says he is going to the war front

After intentionally allowing TPLF and OLF to pillage and plunder half of the Amhara Region, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has declared yesterday that he is heading to the war front to take charge of the war. Just as the conniving prime minister makes the announcement, TPLF and OLF forces were arriving within 100 km of Addis Ababa. At the same time, Fano Amhara fighters, who have been sabotaged by the Prime Minister and his ruling party ever since the war started, were able to free several Wollo and Shewa towns this week, including Wore Ilu, Majete, Gashena, Lalibela, and many others without any assistance from the federal government. Not only Abiy has facilitated the civil war, but now when Amhara Fano started kicking out TPLF and OLF from Shewa and Wollo on their own, he is getting ready to claim victory. Today, the state media that he is controlling are already comparing him with Menelik II.

Abiy Ahmed’s plot to cause a civil war between Amhara and Tigray regions by allowing TPLF and OLF to attack Amhara has so far succeeded because both TPLF and OLF are blinded by their deep-rooted hatred for the Amhara people. Abiy’s hidden agenda behind plotting and instigating the civil war between Amhara and Tigray appears to be to weaken both regions so that they will not be able to stop his plan to break up Ethiopia and create a confederation of Horn of Africa states that he and Eritrean leader Isaias Afwerki would rule for life.

The stupid TPLF leaders and their zombie army think that they can return to power after capturing Addis Ababa. They don’t know what is awaiting them. Once Abiy lets them destroy the Amhara region, he will go after them and crush them like bugs with the help of Isaias Afwerki’s massive army.

Indeed, Tigrayas do not know what is in store for them, but Amharas are waking up finally and taking matters into their own hands. The war has just started — a three-way civil war between Amhara, Tigray, and Oromo that Abiy, Isayas, and Somalia’s Mohamed Farmaajo are orchestrating could cause unspeakable bloodshed in the entire region unless something is done to get rid of Abiy Ahmed from power.

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