TPLF and OLF fighters capture Shewa Robit and other strategic northern Shewa towns

TPLF and OLF have captured Shewa Robit, a highly strategic northern Ethiopian town only 200 km from Addis Ababa yesterday, and nearby towns, according to Mereja sources in the area who also said that Debre Birhan may also fall soon to the rebels because that is what Abiy Ahmed’s government apparently wants, i.e., to let TPLF and OLF destroy Amhara Region.

The rebels have freed over 3,000 hardened criminals from Shewa Rebit prison and are marching them toward Debre Birhan and other Northern Shewa towns in a pillage and murder spree.

Regional forces, including the 500,000 strong Oromia Special force, are staying out of the battle. The Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) is seen purposefully abandoning its heavy military weapons to TPLF and OLF before fleeing towns after towns. Amhara forces (Fano) who are being sabotaged by Abiy Ahmed’s government are now resorting to guerrilla fighting. Earlier this week, they have been able to free towns such as Majete and Wore Ilu that were invaded by OLF and TPLF last week. Fightings between Amhara Fano and TPLF are also reported in several Wollo towns that ENDF handed over to TPLF and OLF several weeks ago.

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