The TPLF-OLF joint force invades Majete and other northern Shewa towns; widespread looting is reported

Residents who have escaped the fighting in Majete have informed Mereja that TPLF and OLF who are now fighting jointly have captured the North Shewa town after 3 days of intense fighting. The TPLF-OLF joint force has attacked the town with mortars, wounding and killing several people. The heavily armed invading force has burned down churches and looted the town, according to witnesses. The Ethiopian government has disabled phone and internet services in the area, which has prevented more information from coming out of the town.

Majete was defended by Amhara Fano and militia, but they were out-gunned by TPLF and OLF fighters. The Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s command has made no effort to defend Majete, according to Mereja sources. Instead, ENDF forces are focusing on defending Karakore town, a strategic town south of Majete. TPLF-OLF forces have been trying to capture Karakore since Sunday. For a reason that has not been made clear yet, Fano and Amhara militia have been prevented by ENDF from taking part in the Karakore battle, Mereja sources said.

It appears that TPLF-OLF forces are now heading towards Bahir Dar, instead of Addis Ababa, through Were Illu and Mekane Selam, or maybe meet up with OLF forces in western Shewa.

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