Abiy Ahmed’s regime sabotaging Amhara forces; TPLF gains control of Raya and northern Afar


In the senseless ethnic war between Amharas and Tigrayans that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has ignited and fomented, TPLF forces are gaining momentum by fully controlling Raya and the entire northern Afar Region this week, according to Mereja.com sources on the ground. Today, TPLF has also launched a new offensive and was able to take over the area west of Adi Arkay in the Wolkait front. Fighting deep into Amhara Region, TPLF also took over Abergele Woreda in Wag Himra Zone, according to refugees who arrived in Sekota town.

The Ethiopian military under Abiy Ahmed’s command is practically out of the war. Not only that, Abiy is refusing to supply Amhara forces with logistics in both the Raya and Wolkait fronts.

On the Wolkait front, Mereja.com sources in the area are reporting that Amhara forces (Special Force, militia, and Fano) are not provided with weapons and food by the Amhara Administration and the Federal Government. Many of the fighters go without eating for up to 5 days. They are outgunned by TPLF forces who have armed themselves with weapons Abiy Ahmed left for them when he precipitously withdrew the Ethiopian military from Tigray over the objection of the military leaders. The Amhara forces are getting demoralized and disillusioned as they find out that the propaganda they are hearing from the government and the reality on the ground are far apart.

Despite claims by the Abiy regime and its supporters, TPLF is on the move — not because it has superior leadership, better fighters, and more weapons, but because TPLF is fighting against an opponent (the Amhara forces) that is being sabotaged and stabbed in the back by Abiy Ahmed and his puppet Agegnehu Teshager.

Abiy Ahmed’s mission is to break up Ethiopia and create a new country called Oromiya. For that to happen, he is intentionally pitting Amharas and Tigrayas against each other.

For the Amharas, victory against the TPLF will be too costly if they continue fighting under the current Amhara and federal leadership. The solution is to force Agegnehu Teshager’s Amhara Administration to form a provisional administration that is composed of all Amhara political parties, elder statesmen, experienced military officers, economic experts, and others. If Amharas can unite under a trusted leadership, they can collaborate with all other patriotic Ethiopians, be able to defeat TPLF, and save Ethiopia from Abiy Ahmed’s sinister plot.

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