General Tefera Mammo is appointed as head of Amhara forces

After a great deal of hesitation and foot-dragging, the Amhara Regional Administration has started bringing professional military officers to lead the Amhara armed forces (officially named “Amhara Special Force”). Today, the Regional Administration announced that General Tefera Mammo has been appointed as head of the Amhara Special Force.

The Amhara Administration is also being pressured to restructure the Amhara armed forces and create Amhara Popular Force, a professional army with mechanized divisions that will provide training and lead local militias and Fanos to protect Amhara cities, towns, and villages.

While the decision taken by the Amhara Administration today is encouraging, the main goal of the Amhara people must continue to be changing the Ethiopian constitution that is pitting Ethiopian ethnic groups against each other. As long as the current constitution that was written and adopted by the TPLF remains, Ethiopia will always be at war with herself. Without the ethnic-based constitution, which is eating away Ethiopia like cancer, there will not be an ethnic border to fight over. Ethiopia belongs to Amharas, Oromos, Tigrayans … all Ethiopians. The current civil war between Amhara and Tigray regions that was instigated and fueled by the Abiy Ahmed regime will not be necessary since Tigrayans will not feel cornered by an ethnic border. When Tigrayans know that all of Ethiopia is theirs, they will not fight for a small piece of land.

The Amhara Regional President Agegnehu Teshager will redeem himself and his party by also bringing together all Amhara parties together and form an inclusive administration that is headed by professionals. When Amharas unite, they will join with other ethnic groups to protect the whole of Ethiopia.

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