Abiy Ahmed and OPDO trot out Birhanu Jula for the press after Aba Dula Gemeda mediated an agreement


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and his ruling party OPDO (Bedadina Party) have trotted out General Birhanu Jula for the press today after their godfather Aba Dula Gemeda has mediated an agreement.

The chief of staff of Ethiopia’s military had disappeared for almost a month starting late last month after a disagreement with Abiy Ahmed over the Tigray war, according to Mereja.com sources who claim that the general was placed under house arrest.

The General’s disappearance has brought to the surface a growing rift between him and Abiy Ahmed after the arrest of Jawar Mohammed, a close observer of the OPDO told Mereja.com. Both Jawar and Birhanu are from Arsi and had a close relationship before Jawar was thrown in jail following the death of Artiste Hachalu Hundessa last year, July 2020. Abiy Ahmed is from Jimma and he is despised by Arsi Oromos.

Fearing an intra-party clash, Aba Dula Gemeda, who is currently playing a godfather-like role in OPDO, has intervened and was able to mediate a peace between Abiy and Birhanu for now, Mereja.com’s sources said. Abiy and most of the OPDO’s current leaders are said to be proteges of Aba Dula.

Even though General Birhanu is brought back to the public view, currently he has no role in how the “war” with the TPLF in Tigray is being fought.

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