Gonder City reels from shocking murder of a respected businessman


This past week, Wednesday night around 7 pm, unidentified individuals ambushed and shot to death one of Gonder City’s most beloved and well-known residents (his name is withheld here until all his family members are notified). 

The attackers shot the man at least 7 times as he entered his car right outside his house. The criminals have not been caught and the police are not willing to investigate the crime.

The victim was the father of one child. He was a hard worker who went out of his way to help everyone in the city.

The senseless murder of such a kind person who never harmed anyone in his life has shocked and outraged the entire city, as it should.

Such gruesome crime is becoming common in Gondar these days. Gondar City is becoming the murder capital of Ethiopia.

One of Gondar’s main sources of income and employment has been tourism, but due to a crime wave over the past 4 years, tourists are not coming anymore. Shops are being closed. Pillars of the community, especially successful entrepreneurs who create jobs, are being targeted by both the criminal elements and corrupt politicians. Residents with families abroad are being targeted for extortion, kidnapping, and murder. When kidnapping is reported to the police, often their answer is to negotiate with the kidnappers. Many of the criminals are the police officers themselves. Hopelessness pervades the youth as unemployment has skyrocketed. Corruption is rampant. Gondar as a city and as a society is falling apart.

The politicians, most of whom are remnants of the TPLF regime, have no interest in preventing crime and promoting business activities. They are parasites who are leeching Gondar to death. Many of the politicians have sent their families either to Bahir Dar, Addis Ababa, or abroad. The top politicians such as Agegnehiu Teshager, are being protected by Abiy Ahmed’s Republican Guards, not by Amhara Region police.

The city’s residents themselves take a portion of the blame for the historic city descending to the abyss. For example, the residents could get together and form neighborhood watch programs to prevent crime. They could hold the mayor and police chief accountable. If necessary, arm themselves and fight back. They should not expect someone on a white horse to ride in and save the city.

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