TPLF forces capture Korem and Alamata without a fight, again

Heavily armed TPLF forces entered Korem and Alamata town in Raya again today, Friday, without a fight. The towns were left undefended after Amhara forces were ordered by Agegnehu Teshager to retreat.

Kobo residents are reporting that intense fighting took place on Friday afternoon a few kilometers north of the town.

Oromiya Special Force troops that were camped in Kobo left the town and headed for Woldya a few hours before the Kobo fight started, according to a source in Kobo. sources in Sekota town are also reporting that 200 members of the Tana Brigade have been arrested for disobeying orders to withdraw from Alamata yesterday.

A mechanized TPLF force numbering over 20,000 is heading for the Afar Region towards Semara tonight, sources in the area reported.

Raya is now once again back in the hands of TPLF, which is what Abiy Ahmed and his puppet Agegnehu Teshager are determined to do, but are lying about.

It appears that TPLF is shifting its focus from the heavily defended Wolkait to Djibouti in its quest for an outlet.

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