Amhara forces retaken Alamata and on the way to regain full control of Raya in a swift counteroffensive

On Tuesday, TPLF forces had swept through several Raya towns, including Korem, Alamata, Chercher, and Waja, after the Ethiopian military was ordered to leave Raya. After suffering heavy casualties in Korem, TPLF captured Alamata town without a fight.

The following day, on Wednesday, Amhara forces have regrouped and launched a counteroffensive. Within a few hours, they were able to stop the advancing TPLF forces from capturing the town of Kobo and have forced them back to Alamata. Overnight, Amhara forces entered Alamata town, and this morning they are preparing to expel the last remaining TPLF forces from Raya by taking back the town of Korem.

Ethiopian Defense Forces (ENDF) under the command of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed have played no role in the battle to free Raya from TPLF forces, except intentionally surrendering heavy weapons and military equipment to TPLF.

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