Amhara militia regrouped and launched a counteroffensive to retake Alamata town

The sudden withdrawal of Ethiopia’s military from Raya this past Saturday and Sunday precipitated the collapse of Amhara defenses in Korem, Alamata, and other towns when TPLF forces launched an early-morning attack on Monday. Amhara Region president Agegnehu Teshager had also ordered Amhara special force and militia to retreat from chasing fleeing TPLF fighters north of Korem town.

Shocked and angered by Abiy Ahmed’s betrayal, who is actively instigating an ethnic war between Amhara and Tigray regions, this morning Amhara militia have regrouped and launched a counteroffensive against TPLF forces who were preparing to attack the town of Kobo.

After several hours of bloody battle, Amhara militia pushed back TPLF forces all the way back to Waja town. In the afternoon, the Amhara militia has been able to reach within a striking distance of Alamata, Getachew Reda’s hometown.

The Amhara militia that is now fighting TPLF forces in Raya has stopped obeying orders from the traitorous Amhara Administration president Agegnehu Teshager, who is said to be a puppet of Abiy Ahmed.

In the western front, Gondar and Gojjam Fano fighters, in collaboration with Amhara special force, have so far successfully held the line against TPLF forces in Tselemt, northern Gondar. Under the leadership of Col. Demeke Zewdu, northern Gondar defenses are heavily fortified and appear to be impossible for TPLF forces to penetrate.

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