TPLF forces set their eyes on Addis Ababa after an easy victory handed to them in Raya

Emboldened by a series of victories that was handed to them in Raya by Agegnehu Teshager and Abiy Ahmed, and the political support they are receiving from the Biden Administration in the United States, TPLF forces seem to be adjusting their strategy from attacking Gondar to suffocating Addis Ababa by closing down the Djibouti-Addis Ababa road through the Afar Region. For this purpose, TPLF forces are entering Afar Region today and heading for Semera after controlling several towns in Amhara Region.

TPLF forces also continue to amass near Gondar in preparation for a possible invasion of Wolkait Tegede and Tselemt. Northern Gondar Zone has called on Amhara Fano from the entire Amhara Region to help defend Gondar.

Abiy Ahmed’s gamble up to now has been pitting Tigay and Amhara regions against each other. But it appears now that his former masters are coming for him to Arat Kilo.

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