TPLF fighters executed hundreds of residents in Alamata town who held a protest against the Abiy Ahmed regime

Earlier today, a wave of TPLF fighters entered the town of Alamata without firing a shot after Agegnehu Teshagfer and Abiy Ahmed ordered Amhara and federal forces to withdraw all the way to Woldiya town in Wollo. Upon hearing the withdrawal of security forces who were camped in the town, residents went out to protest against the order to withdraw. Soon after, according to witnesses, TPLF forces entered the town and opened fire on the protesters. It is reported that over 600 Alamata residents have been gunned down.

TPLF fighters have also summarily executed hundreds of Amhara militia members who did not receive the order to withdraw by Agegnehu Teshager were cut off and surrounded. Many of the militia members received only 5 – 10 bullets per person while the TPLF fighters are armed with heavy weapons left behind by the federal army.

[Amhara militia and special force fighters ordered to leave Alamata town – Photo by a resident of Alamata]

TPLF fighters are now approaching the town of Kobo without a fight. The Amhara Administration has ordered all forces to retreat all the way to Woldiya.

Tens of thousands of refugees are entering the town of Sekota as of this writing. They are fleeing from Abergele, Alamata, and other towns.

Sekota town itself is bracing for an invasion by TPLF forces. Many of the residents are preparing to flee. All security forces, except a few local militia members, have left the town, according to a’s source in Sekota. The source said the town’s residents feel betrayed by the Abiy regime and Amhara officials.

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