Gen. Tefera Mammo and other experienced officers to join Amhara Special Force

As TPLF’s human wave fighters march toward Amhara Region, the Amhara Administration officials are being pressured by the population to recall Gen. Tefera Mammo and other experienced officers back to service, according to sources in Bahir Dar.

This morning, it is reported that TPLF fighters regain control of Korem town after they were repelled by the Amhara militia and special force yesterday. The TPLF fighters were able to regroup and launch a renewed attack after the Amhara forces were inexplicably ordered to return after chasing the TPLF fighters toward Maichew. sources are also reporting that this morning TPLF fighters surrounded Alamata town and are headed toward Woldiya unimpeded, and sometimes indirectly assisted, by the Ethiopian federal army under Abiy Ahmed’s command.

TPLF fighters are also amassing near Wolkait Tegede today.

It appears that the Abiy regime has made a decision, in coordination with the Biden Administration in the United States, to allow TPLF to retake both Raya and Wolkait Tegede by force from Amhara Region.

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