The battle for Korem town, Ethiopia

Ethiopia is headed for an all-out civil war between the Amhara and Tigray regions. The federal government headed by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is enjoying the show from the sideline after instigating the war.

Early yesterday morning, a human wave of Tigrayan fighters under the TPLF leadership, including teenage boys as young as 12 years old, attacked the town of Korem in the Amhara Region. The fighters, numbering 10,000, overpowered the Amhara special force and militia momentarily, taking over the town for a few hours before they were repelled by the Amhara militia. The battle has caused over a thousand deaths, according to an eyewitness who told that the bodies of hundreds of Tigrayan teenage boys were strewn all over the town and the surrounding areas at the conclusion of yesterday’s battle in Korem. [The photos are too graphic to show here.]

It is reported that the Amhara militia and special force gave chase to the TPLF fighters who fled towards Maichew, but they were ordered to return by the Amhara Region leaders.

There is a conflicting report that yesterday afternoon another wave of TPLF fighters is heading toward Alamata town. It is also reported that Korem is now under TPLF control after Amhara forces were ordered to leave the town by Amhara Region President Agegnehu Teshager.

The federal army under Abiy Ahmed’s command has stayed away from the Korem battle.

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