Official result: Ethiopia’s ruling party “wins” almost 100 percent in the recent sham elections

Promises have been totally broken as the 3-year-old regime in Ethiopia under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed recently held a patently fake election and the election board today announced that Abiy’s ruling party has won almost 100 percent of the seats in Parliament.

Abiy had made promises about transitioning Ethiopia to democratic governance. That promise has been broken, like all the other promises he has failed to keep. So now back to the struggle for change.

The big loser in the election is Birtukan Mideksa, chairwoman of the election board. Until today, she has been one of the most respected women in Ethiopia. By collaborating with Abiy Ahmed in conducting a fraudulent election, she has shown herself to be just another corrupt politician.

Here are the results released today by Britukan’s election Board:

1. The ruling Prosperity Party winds 100 percent of the seats from Addis Ababa. The independent candidate, Daniel Kibret, is independent in name only.
2. Afar Region: PP wins 6 out of 8 seats.
3. Amhara Region: PP wins 114 out of 138 seats. The results of several Woredas have not been made official yet.
4. Oromia Region: PP wins 167 out of 178 seats. PP had no competition in Oromia, except a few independent candidates that are allied with PP.
5. Southern Region: PP wins 75 out of 104 seats. The results of several Woredas have not been made official yet.

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