Tekeze River bridge in Tigray destroyed – IRC


(Reuters) – A bridge on the Tekeze River in Ethiopia’s Tigray region has been destroyed, the International Rescue Committee said on Thursday, adding that as a result getting aid to the war-ravaged region would be “even more severely hampered than before.”

(AP) – A bridge that’s crucial to delivering desperately needed food to Ethiopia’s embattled Tigray region has been destroyed, aid groups said Thursday, as Tigray fighters were said to be approaching other combatants occupying large areas nearby.

The destruction of the bridge over the Tekeze River “means aid efforts will be even more severely hampered than before,“ the International Rescue Committee said in a statement. Tigray has the world’s worst hunger crisis in a decade, with the United States saying up to 900,000 people face famine conditions in a situation it calls “entirely man-made.”

It was not immediately clear who destroyed the bridge on a supply route linking western Tigray, which is occupied by forces from the neighboring Amhara region, and the rest of Tigray.

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