TPLF demands withdrawal of all forces fromTigray as a precondition to apply a ceasefire (video)

Mereja Media

The outlawed Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) demanded withdrawal of all forces from Tigray region as a precondition to accept a ceasefire proposed by the United States.

“It is not the right time now to negotiate with the Abiy forces, said Getachew Reda, a focal person of TPLF in latest video released by Tigrai Media House.

Addis Ababa recently said it will not sit and negotiate with TPLF which the House of People’s Representatives recently labeled it as terrorist organization.

Getachew who referred the government in Addis Ababa as a ‘collection of gangsters’ said “the forces in Addis Ababa do not have a moral ground to decline or accept the ceasefire and the negotiations thereof.

“It is so shameful and even more than that to sit and negotiate with these forces said Getachew who claimed the government elected by people of Tigray should be restored ahead of any negotiation.

Getachew, as usual, claimed the TPLF have built the military capacity to wipe out all forces from Tigray region in the near future.Video:

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