Ex-speaker of House of Federation Keria Ibrahim appeared before court after refusal to testify against TPLF leaders

Mereja Media

Ex-speaker of the House of Federation Keria Ibrahim Thursday appeared before Lideta Branch High Court after she refused to testify against leaders of the outlawed Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

Keria had been arrested for alleged crimes on consulting with TPLF forces and giving orders to attack the north army base of the Ethiopian National Defense Force in Tigray in November last year.

The ex-speaker was released on bail in March after she agreed to become a witness and testify against the TPLF leaders.

“Based on the agreement she entered with the Federal Attorney General and in line with witness protection proclamation number 699/2003, Keria had already testified against the outlawed TPLF officials” the Attorney General said in a statement. Accordingly, the witness protection is stripped off, it said.

During Thursday’s court hearing, Keria said she was forced to testify against her ex-bosses.

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