Heavy fighting breaks out in Gondar, northern Ethiopia


Residents of Gondar city in northern Ethiopia are reporting that there has been intense fighting between an armed group and police since last night. Later on the day, the fighting was joined by Amhara Region special police and Gondar Fano (a paramilitary force).

It is reported that the attack was launched by a group named Qimant Committee that was trained and armed by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). The group also reportedly receives assistance from some elements within the Amhara Regional government itself and the Federal government.

It is believed by many in the Amhara Region that the attack on Gondar city today by Qimant Committee is a proxy war to further destabilize the regional state and that they place primary blame on the Region’s President Agegnehu Teshager for failing to take measures to protect the region while entire cities burned down and Sudanese forces are making military incursions.

Today’s fighting in Gondar has caused casualties. Several homes and properties have also been burned.

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