A total of 110 civilians killed on November 27 and 28, 2020 in Tigray’s Axum town by Eritrean troops – Ethiopia’s AG

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A total of 110 civilians were killed on November 27 and 28,2020 in the town of Axum by Eritrean troops in retaliation for an attack against a contingent of Eritrean troops, Ethiopian Attorney General(AG) has said in a brief investigation report.

The attacks against the Eritrean forces were carried out by a force composed of the militia of the Tigray Regional State, the Tigray Special Police force and residents of the city who were armed by the TPLF and took a two day training.

The investigation shows that 70 civilians have been killed in the city while they were outdoors. There are indications that some of these individuals might have been irregular combatants.

On the other hand 40 civilians seem to have been taken out of their homes and killed in home to home raids conducted by Eritrean troops, the Attorney General has said,
Office said the investigation is still underway and  119 witnesses have been recorded, medical records and evidences concerning those who have been injured and received medical treatment has been obtained, video and photographic record of the damage to civilian property and installations has been taken, samples/pieces of shrapnel from the shelling have been secured.

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