Jawar Mohammed, others requested Federal High Court to postpone witnesses hearing by up to two years

Mereja Media

Defendants on prominent Oromo politician Jawar Mohammed’s file requested Federal High Court judges to postpone the witnesses hearing by up to two years until after “the elections were held and the government was calmed.”

“Our trials shall resume after the election; you might as well adjourn the hearing until 2023 or even 2025.” Bekele Gerba said. He made the argument saying that their trial has no legal merit as it is” a political trial.”

Jawar Mohammed, the first defendant on the file raised a similar claim saying, “The government wants us to remain behind bars. They will keep us detained even if the court sets us free.”

The court rejected the defendants’ request to postpone the hearing and adjourned the hearing until May 26, 2021.
146 witnesses reportedly are ready to witness against Jawar and other defendants.

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