Troops of outlawed TPLF routed on their way from Sudan to Ethiopia’s Tigray region – ENDF (video)

Mereja Media

Another group of troops who were loyal to the outlawed Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) was routed on their way from Sudan to Ethiopia’s Tigray region, a military general has disclosed.

The defeated force largely was made of militants who participated in the massacre of civilians in Mai Kadra, an Ethiopian town near Sudan border, Brigadier General Tesfaye Ayalew, Acting Head of the Joint Campaign Division has said.

The Militants had escaped to Sudan after committing the massacre and reorganized themselves to join the warfare in northern Tigray but were defeated a few kilometres  away from Ethio- Sudanese border.

Hundreds of communication equipment, satellite telephones and medicines were seized, he said.

All the militants wo participated in the massacred of civilians in Mai Kadra and Humera towns were routed while they tried to launch another attack, the Ethiopian National Defense Force said in a statement. Video:


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