Legality questions have been raised over extrajudicial killing of a young man in Kelem Wellega Zone in Oromia Region

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Legality questions have been raised over the extrajudicial killing of a young man called Amanuel Wondimu by government security forces on Wednesday in Dembi Dolo town, Kelem Wellega Zone in Oromia Regional State.

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission said it was alarmed by the public parading and extrajudicial killing of a suspected criminal offender Amanuel Wondimu on May 11, 2021 by security forces.

The commission condemned all forms of extrajudicial killings in strongest terms and reiterates the use of only lawful means for all forms of law enforcement operations.

Authorities of the zone claimed Amanuel Wondimu was a member of an assassin group known as “Aba Torbe” and held him responsible for the killing of government officials in the region.

Residents on condition of anonymity said Amanuel was innocent and was not a member any armed group. He used to serve in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

The Dembi Dolo town Communication Office in its official face-book post said retaliation measure was taken against Amanuel Wondimu who was member of the Aba Torbe Assassin Group”  

Getachew Balcha, Oromia Region Communication Bureau Head said there are armed groups that are engaged in terror acts in the region and the regional government decided to take proportional measures against members of those groups. 

Security Bureau Head of Kelem Wellega Zone Tessema Wario said Amanuel was not killed publicly. “He was caught injured but killed later. He had shot and wounded two people ahead of his arrest” Tessema added..

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