Heavy fighting between Amhara Special Force and TPLF left undisclosed numbers of troops dead

Mereja Media

Heavy fighting between a special force of Amhara and an armed force of the outlawed Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) near the town of Baaker in northern Ethiopia left hundreds of troops dead, according to information secured by Mereja.com.

The fighting came as the TPLF armed force with strength of about 300 troops was trying to cross from Sudan, where it received military training, to join and assist the TPLF force which is engaged in warfare in the northern Tigray region.

Wearing military uniforms of the Ethiopian Defense Forces, Members of the TPLF force were reportedly marching to join the TPLF force in Ethiopia until they were confronted with resistance from the Amhara special force.

Unknown numbers of troops were killed from both sides however it is not clear who won the battle. The Amhara special force claimed victory, killing majority of the TPLF force and seizing 230 modern communication equipment.

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