Ethiopian security offices claim to have foiled a plot by extremist groups working to hijack 6th national election (video)

Mereja Media

A task-force formed by the Ethiopian National Intelligence and Security Service and Federal Police said it has foiled a plot by extremist groups which were operating in clandestine in Addis Ababa to hijack the 6th national election.

The groups were working at the direction of foreigners, said the task-force which claimed seizure of unspecified amount of arms and documents during its operation.

“The groups took the mission from members of the Diaspora who were operating under the cover that there will not be an election amid killings of ethnic Amharas” the task force said in a statement.

The statement said the groups had a mission to seize power by force by mobilizing the public to struggle for establishment a care taker administration in the country.Video:

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