Sudan calls on AU to put pressure on Ethiopia to reach binding agreement on GERD – Egypt Independent

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(Egypt Independent)Sudanese Foreign Minister Mariam al-Sadiq called on African leaders and the African Union to put pressure on Ethiopia to reach a binding agreement with Sudan and Egypt on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

Sadiq said on Friday that a binding agreement between the three parties regarding the dam would open the way for developmental cooperation.

She stressed Sudan’s position on GERD remains firm, and comes in compliance with the Declaration of Principles and all agreements in this regard.

“We called for an expansion to the mechanism (of negotiations) under the chairmanship of the African Union, because we are keen on productive negotiations,” she said.

“We will seek all peaceful means to achieve the interest of Sudan,” she added, emphasizing her country’s eagerness to establish balanced relations with all countries.

Sudan said last month that it will resort to the International Justice Court in the event that Ethiopia carries out its second filling of GERD without reaching a binding agreement with Egypt and Sudan.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced in April that the second filling of GERD will proceed as planned for July/August.

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