Rebel TPLF killed at least 16 civilians, undisclosed members of Special Force in Wag Himera Zone in Amhara Region

Mereja Media

Fighters of the outlawed Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) killed at least 16 civilians and undisclosed members of the Amhara Special Force in Abergele District Wag Himera Nationalities Administrative Zone in Amhara Regional State.

Head of Abergele District Administration Amare Kiros confirmed the attack which took place at dawn Monday Morning in the Zone’s Niruaq town where unspecified members of the Amhara special force were killed after an exchange of gunfire for about eight hours with TPLF soldiers.

“The attack had targeted members of the Amhara Special Force who established fortress at Niruaq, Demitse Weyane quoted Gebre Geberetsadiq, spokesperson of Tigray Force as saying.

Eyewitnesses said the rebel force also destroyed five vehicles including ambulances in bomb attacks.

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