Residents of North Shoa Zone formed local force to defend what they called “unfolding government sponsored attacks”

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Residents of the North Shoa Zone announced that they have formed a local force under the headship of the Shoa Amhara People Defense Coordinating Committee to defend what they called “unfolding government sponsored attacks” against the people of Amhara in the zone.

The newly established committee issued a statement accusing the governing party of ignoring the killing and displacement of the Amhara people in the zone despite repeated calls.

Hence the people in the zone have decided to defend themselves from any possible attacks the committee said adding law enforcement bodies would be held accountable for any violence that might happen in the zone in the future.

The residents further said they would launch disobedience to tax payments, accusing the government of using the fund for state terrorism against ethnic Amharas.

“We will not be governed by misguided laws and regulations which were put in place by Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). We would work to reclaim our lands that have been used to butcher ethnic Amhara people’” the statement said.
The committee said any attempt to get the people of Amhara lay their arms down through what is called a command post in the zone would be futile exercise and unacceptable.

The people of Shoa further through their statement demanded the government to resettle those residents who were displaced from Eferata Gedim, Qewet, and Antsoqia districts as soon as possible.  Failing to do so would transform the struggle of the people to a higher level.
“Any attempt to threaten or arrest a person or leaders of the struggle would be met with harsh measures,” the statement warned.

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