Ethiopian Human Rights Commission reports two armed attacks in Jimma Zone and Amaro Special District

Mereja Media

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) said it is monitoring reports of an attack by armed groups in Limmu Kossa district Ket’cho Kirkira Gale locality in Jimma Zone of Oromia Regional State.

EHRC in a statement said another six people were killed by armed men in Dano locality in Amaro Special District in the South Nations Nationalities Peoples’ Regional State.

The commission said it remains engaged with relevant federal and regional authorities for urgent and appropriate response of the fresh attacks and death of civilians.

According to EHRC, regional and federal security forces have been deployed in Limmu Kossa district as it continues to follow up related developments.

The commission underscored the increasingly frequent nature and spread of such attacks and called for boosting rapid prevention and preparedness capacity.

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