Abere Adamu has stepped down as Police Commissioner of Amhara Regional State – Official

Mereja Media

Abere Adamu has stepped down as Police Commissioner of the Amhara Regional State, the state’s official confirmed on condition of anonymity.

Abere’s dismissal came after the state’s president blamed the regional security forces for failing to prevent or minimize the recent violence that hit the North Shoa Zone of the state.

Abere has been evaluated to have lacked basic leadership skills and confidence, one of the state’s officials who attended ongoing performance evaluation of the state, was quoted as saying.

However, information is being circulated on social media that Abere was stepped down due to his refusal to take measures against demonstrators who protested the targeted killings of Amhara people.

Meanwhile, the regional government Sunday turned down the planned protest to be held by women to call for justice for those civilians who were killed by armed men in North Shoa Zone in Amhara region and in different locations in Oromia region.

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